Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Common gauges, lengths, and jewelry

The most common gauges to get pierced with are a 16GA, and a 14GA. More times than others, you’re pierced with a 16GA. There is always more selection in earrings for a tragus ring with a 16GA barbell.

What does Labret mean?

Labret = Flat Back

The most popular piece of jewelry to put in your tragus would be a flat-back barbell that looks like this:

Flat-backs come in different variations of lengths as well (6mm, 8mm, and 10mm), but it’s common to use a shorter length, for more comfort and it’s also best when wearing ear-buds/headphones.

1/4"(6mm) = Short: Shop Here!

5/16"(8mm) = Medium: Shop Here!

3/8"(10mm) = Long: Shop Here!

Almost anything can be placed at the top of the bar. Ex: diamond, coloured ball, spike, etc.

Flat-backs aren’t necessarily the only piece of jewelry that can be put in your tragus; you can practically put anything from a hoop, to a horseshoe, to a curved barbell, as long as the barbell is the right gauge.


Surgical stainless steel or Implant Grade Titanium is the material that you are pierced with, so it’s recommended that you stick with that material when changing around your jewelry.

Other common materials are titanium, silver, and gold. Some materials are not hypoallergenic, so it’s advised that you do your research on a material before using it, knowing of any skin allergies or reactions that may occur.

Implant Grade Titanium Labrets: Shop Here!

316L Surgical Steel Labrets: Shop Here!

14kt Gold Labrets: Shop Here!


Aftercare: how to clean your piercing

Cleaning your piercing is the most important thing when trying to avoid infection and to speed up the healing process.

The area must be kept clean and avoid touching or playing around with piercing. For at least six weeks, you should be taking good care of your piercing, but duration time always varies within skin types and how your skin reacts to the piercing. Remember, some piercings heal faster than others.

Getting a Q-tip or a cotton swab and cleaning around the pierced area with solution such as H2Ocean, can clean your tragus piercing. The cleaning procedure must repeat 2-3 times a day.