All About Belly Piercings

All About Belly Piercings

Use this post as a guide to choose the belly piercing that is right for you! 

Sizing (Gauge & Length) 

What gauge should I choose for my belly piercing? 

The first step when choosing to replace a piercing is to know the gauge you were pierced with. For reference, gauge refers to the thickness of the piercing. 

  • The standard gauge for a belly piercing is 14ga.

What length should I choose for my belly piercing?  

It is important to know what length you are currently wearing. You can always contact your piercer to find out this information if you are unsure. For reference, 10mm is the standard and most commonly worn length for belly rings but we do have 8mm, 11mm & 12mm options available in some styles.  

Internally Threaded Vs. Externally Threaded

What is the difference between internally & externally threaded belly piercings?

Internally Threaded 

Internally threaded means that the jewelry threading will be connected to the portion of the piercing that gets screwed into the bar.

Externally Threaded

Externally Threaded means that the threading will be on the post of the jewelry (as pictured below).

Ball/ Gem Size

What ball size should I choose? 

The typical ball sizes are 5mm & 8mm but if you are looking for something smaller we do offer 4mm & 6mm balls in some styles just be sure to select the appropriate option from the drop down menu. 

What gem size should I choose? 

The typical gem sizes are 5mm & 8mm. If you are looking for something smaller we do offer 4mm & 6mm gems in some styles. We also offer styles with 5mm & 9mm gems. Just be sure to select the appropriate option from the drop down menu. 


What material should I choose? 

Another thing to consider when choosing a belly piercing is the material of the jewelry that you will be purchasing. If you have sensitivities Grade 23 Titanium  is the best option as it is hypoallergenic and super lightweight. Another great option is 316L Surgical Steel as it contains a very minimal amount of nickel making it hypoallergenic for most people. We also carry 14K Gold belly piercings as well as Acrylic styles. Just be mindful of plating and items that contain brass, all of which will be in the product description. For a more in depth description of our materials click here



 Dangle or Non-Dangle?

The final thing to consider is whether you want your belly ring to be a non-dangle or dangle belly ring. Just be mindful of how long the piercing will dangle and the materials used for the dangling charms, which can find in the product descriptions. We also carry reverse dangle belly rings which are a great option if you'd like a dangle belly ring that doesn't hang down too low!