Q: What kind of jewelry can I wear for my nipple ring?

A: There are a few different types of piercings you can wear as nipple rings. They include: straight barbells, clickers, hinged hoops, horseshoes, and nipple shields. 

Straight Barbell

Straight Barbells are straight bars with balls on either end. They can be either internally threaded (as shown below). This means that the threading is attached to the ball. Alternatively, they can be externally threaded which means that the threading is on the post. 


Clickers/ Hinged Hoops

Clicker or hinged hoop nipple rings open and click closed like the items below. 



Horseshoes are circular barbells with ball ends as pictured below. Similar to the straight barbell the threading can be internally or externally threaded. 



Nipple Shields

Nipple Shields are a designed piercing with a barbell through them as pictured below. They are an addition to the standard straight barbell look!