When can I change my nipple ring after getting it pierced?

A: The recommended time that you should wait before changing your nipple piercing is 9 to 12 months. Healing time varies person to person but it will likely take at least 9 months to properly heal. During this time, you should watch for signs of infection and if signs persist contact your piercer or doctor to get their advice on the healing process. It's also important to note that some people heal faster than others. If you are prone to infections, then make sure that you keep your nipple piercing clean at all times and follow all aftercare instructions carefully. 

Make sure to wash your hands before touching your nipple piercing or cleaning it. Make sure to avoid using products with alcohol, peroxide, tea tree oil, or any other harsh chemicals to clean your nipple piercing, as these can irritate the piercing. Additionally, try to avoid changing or removing your jewelry too soon or too often. This can disrupt the healing process and lead to irritation or infection as you are introducing new bacteria into the fresh piercing hole. Once you do change your nipple piercing be sure to clean it at least twice a day with either a combination of warm water and sea salt or a saline solution.