Rose Gold Plated over 925 Sterling Silver Nose Hoop Ring with Ball

$7.50 CAD

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Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Plating: Rose Gold Plated

Thickness: 22ga (0.6mm)

Lengths: (7mm),(9mm),(11mm)

How it Works:

This easy to bend nose hoop comes in 3 different lengths. If you end up buying one that is too big for your nose, you can always cut it with nail clippers or scissors to make it smaller. They bend really easily and the ball is NOT removable. The ball is there so that you can slide in the other end of the nose hoop so it doesn't dis-attach. Don't like the look of the ball? Most people just hide the part with the ball on the inside of the nose to give it a clean look. 

Don't know what size to buy? Get the medium size-- (9mm)--Its the most common used size

Additional Information


Inner Length

(7mm), (9mm), (11mm)


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